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Scott Singleton
, Maryland, helping people as a health and wellness coach. Providing guidance with career development. Sharing entrepreneur ideas and business opportunities. Scroll down to see my bio.



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Strengthening your body, mind, and spirit is the key to achieving the best overall health at any age.  Investing your time to maintain your health and staying focused on healthy habits is sometimes challenging.  Declining health not only impacts your quality of life; it also will result in costly healthcare expenses.  Using a coach will help motivate you and provide support so that you can successfully achieve your health and wellness goals.  Prioritizing your personal health with the help of a coach is an ideal plan giving you the best chance for optimal wellbeing. 



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Scott Singleton, Health Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Consultant, Health Education, Fitness Trainer, and Personal Training

Scott Singleton is a coach who has been encouraging individuals to engage in healthy activities & habits for over 3 decades! He earned an Undergraduate degree in Health Fitness and completed a Graduate degree in Exercise Science.  Through a variety of career and volunteer opportunities, Scott has become knowledgeable and served as a leader of recreation programs, athletics, and worksite wellness.  Nutrition, weight loss, and health supplements are also topics that Scott has provided education for clients.  In addition to his background in health, Scott has taken on a new role as a workforce consultant helping businesses and job seekers.  He is a Certified Business Engagement Professional, a recent graduate of Leadership Carroll, and facilitator of the Job Club group meeting.  Scott is a problem-solver, a people helper, and a positive influencer who wants to spread the joy of health, personal development, & happiness! 

Energy, Passion, Positive Attitude, and Commitment to Excellence are core values and characteristics that I consistently follow in all life pursuits.


McDaniel College, M.S., Exercise Science
Springfield College, B.S., Health Fitness
Carroll Community College, Leadership Carroll program via Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
Business U, CBEP, Certified Business Engagement Professional
Transformation Academy, Life Purpose: Life Coach Certification


LinkedIn:  Scott Singleton, LinkedIn profile    



Please contact me to chat about setting you on a path to success, wellness, and achieving your life goals.

Are you searching for health and wellness programs?  Scott Singleton is available as a coach to guide and inspire you through your journey.  Health is not just physical fitness, tone, or a number on a scale at the doctor's office.  Health is about everything that you are, that you do, relationships, career, aging, leisure activities, feeling great, having energy, eating well, and much more! If you feel that there is something missing, contact Scott Singleton to explore a new direction and goals.

There are a vast amount of programs and professional services that are available to address your needs.  You may be interested in holistic health, plant-based foods, nutritional supplements, personal growth, alternative health, transformation, healing, integrative health and wellness, fitness, stress management, career change, networking, losing weight, or just ready to make a change. Mind set, positive attitude, and setting realistic goals will be key to your success. Making changes to your lifestyle and creating new habits is challenging and requires time. Results will come through effort, persistence, attitude, and ability to embrace some change.  Just remember the reason why you were motivated to begin this journey to a better and more fulfilling life of health.  This is your why and it will keep you on track.  Scott Singleton will also be there to answer questions, provide feedback, make suggestions, and to help you work through the most challenging parts of your journey.

Are you ready to take your next and biggest step to beginning a transformation that will empower you?  Contact Scott.

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For assistance and information, contact Scott Singleton, a New Earth Independent Associate who is member of the New Earth Leaders group and among the original entrepreneurs joining the New Earth company during their 2013 business opportunity launch.

Scott Singleton is currently assisting new and existing associates and customers throughout the United States and Canada. New Earth health food and nutrition products are available to retail customers, preferred customers, distributors, wholesale, and New Earth Associates.

New Earth Provider Program Fact Sheet: The New Earth Provider Program is an outlet for licensed providers to better serve their clientele by adding select New Earth products to their toolkit. 

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